What can you do about it?

We live in a Digital Age. A time where at the tip of your fingertips, you can be easily distracted, detached from life, and detached from you true self.

The retreat will offer:

Vegetarian Ayurvedic Meals by professional chef –

Dinner on Friday, three meals on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday
Morning Sunrise Yoga
Yin/Restorative classes and Kundalini Yoga
Sacred Cacao ceremony
Healing Sound Therapy experience
Intro to sound and self-expression workshop
Conscious Communication activities
Accessible meditations
Sweat Lodge
Outdoor Showers
Ecstatic Dance
Forest hikes

…and so much more!

By the time this weekend is complete, you will discover ways to use technology as a tool, with more conscious awareness. You will also get to know yourself in a deeper and more meaningful way.

This retreat rekindles you abilities, strengths, skills, practices, and attitudes that nurture easier navigation of this often hectic human experience and helps you draft your map for more conscious and mindful living.


Naps Happen Camping Site 
5.14 acres of Naps Happen Campground on the Suwannee River, 200 yards to public boat ramp and Gornto spring! Private spring for relaxing by. 2 miles from Rock Bluff by boat. 23 miles from Ginnie springs. Property is surrounded by wildlife management.

Time and Date:
Friday, October 11th - Sunday October 13th


Unplug & reconnect with yourself

A Technology Cleanse! 

Facilitators Honey Bee and Nico take you on a journey through nature to explore what it’s like to disconnect from your phone, computers and technology. Inspired by Technology Cleanses in Honey’s Bee’s book Conscious Adulting, a Tech Cleanse gives you an opportunity to step away from the hustle and bustle and the distractions of life and step towards a deeper relationship to your health, environment and the people that matter most in your life.
We will get to know our inner technology and creative expression through art, music and sound therapy, meditation, cacao ceremony, sweat lodge, yoga, relaxation and reflection.
This is more than a “no tech” weekend. This is a joyful and fulfilling weekend of intentional and creative activities to help you make the most of your time away from




  • Free Food, water, snacks
  • Packet of meditations, yoga sets, and guidelines
  • Copy of Honey Bee’s Book, Conscious 
  •  Adulting 
  • Music and instruments
  • Workshops and Activities
  • No Wifi
  • Nature and natural beauty
  • Optional Reiki and Private Yoga Sessions
  • Snuggling and relaxing

Technology Cleanse

Please e-mail Honey Bee at for more information or questions