Live Music Performance Themes

Performances are negotiable based on your goals, service, audience size and location.
Prices Topics range from $100 - $1000. 

*For events over 10 people, it is recommended to book 2-4 hour events for participants to gain a personalized and well rounded experience

* At booking, there is a 50% deposit to hold the date for the event.

Four simple steps:

1. E-mail me with a description of the event

2. Fill out a short questionnaire

3. Collaborate on a price suitable for your event

4. Show up for a transformational experience!

Contact me for questions and questionairres at 

  •  Mantra and breath work by Sat Seva Sounds
  • Collaboration with you during a performance!*
  • Kundalini yoga and meditation with live music by Michaelangelo and Honey Bee (flute and guitar)*
  • Science-based mantra workshop with Live Music Performance